Developing Talents in the “Work From Home” Era with Purpose

Tuesday, 09 June at 12:00 PM

Impact Makers Stage

In this session...

How can we develop talents who can grow by themselves and the corporate culture to enable self-development in the period of Work from Home? In most of companies, there are no clear definition of “a strong marketer” or “a great advertising person”. In some organizations, they are deemed as marketers who have remarkable results or people of ideas. These are good to distinguish, but not very useful to train people because these are not about skills. Developing talents on a going basis may hamper sustainable growth of the company. Companies and organizations should define strong marketers and great advertising person in a way we can develop. And, for these activities, Purpose will help articulate required skills. A well thought through skill list, that illustrates required competencies, skills and experiences to realize Purpose, will tell how to train people. Let’s define Purpose if we do not have one, as well as a skill list based on Purpose.

In a stressed and confused period like COVID-19, we cannot see whole market and financial situation accurately. Even in such condition, Purpose will tell the consistent direction for the organization. It will help us make a right and agile decision not just based on intuition and grit, but also logic and legitimacy.


Daisuke Otobe CEO Coup Marketing Company Inc.
Junya Tanaka COO Infobahn Inc.

Event Details

This session will be presented in Japanese. Translation provided in English, Chinese.

Event Type Seminar

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