Purpose Driven Future Enabled by Sustainability

Tuesday, 09 June at 2:30 PM

Story Crafters Stage

In this session...

The current climate and social crisis in the world requires
leadership and action by private business corporations to enable
a smoother transition into a more sustainable and zero emission

It will soon be apparent that companies who follow this purpose
will be preferred choices by the consumers and that there can be
a healthy equation for greener and more sustainable companies
which will be more attractive to consumers, investors and which
will be more in harmony with nature and the planet.

In the panel, we are delighted to briefly highlight the activities of
the Purpose Driven Innovation Ecosystem and learn about the
sustainability measures by Amazon from Amazon Japan’s head of
sustainability, Rita Monteiro.

Presented with


Christian Schmitz Founder PDIE Group
Rita Monteiro Head of Sustainability Amazon Japan

Event Details

This session will be presented in English. Translation provided in Japanese, Chinese.

Event Type Seminar

Track  Brand Purpose  

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