Ad Experience with Brand Suitability for Post-GDPR

Tuesday, 09 June at 3:25 PM

Insight Drivers Stage

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The GDPR is a leading example of the widespread regulation of government control over personal privacy data which promotes restrictions on the use of third-party cookies by global tech companies such as Google and Apple. As a result, new services such as CMP have emerged and are changing the marketing landscape. Brands need to take into account the ever changing world of consumer sentiment and adapt their strategies specifically to these changes. In areas such as Europe, “interest matching” strategies have been valued much higher than conventional audience targeting, where communication based on consumer interest optimization creates a more authentic relationship and positive associations with the brand. In this session, we will learn how leading tech firms analyze consumer interests in real time and how they create authentic brand communication that is in line with consumer interests, and much more.

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Keigo Aoki General Manager Dentsu Innovation Initiative
Rie Yamanaka General Manager, Japan Rokt GK
Ryo Matsumoto Head Of Sales, Japan Gumgum Japan K.K.
Tomoya Mikami Head of Sales Outbrain Japan KK

Event Details

This session will be presented in Japanese. Translation provided in English, Chinese.

Event Type Seminar

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