Future Proofing and Transformation Today

Wednesday, 10 June at 1:00 PM

Insight Drivers Stage

In this session...

The pandemic has disrupted society in unprecedented ways. As people, we've had to completely change the way we think, shop and interact with one another. As brands and businesses, we have had to shift the core ecosystem, infrastructure and value chain, and to accelerate our digital thinking.

In this session, we talk with global and local giants on how they are pivoting from the “old” world to the new peri-COVID world and beyond.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Redefining the customer journey
  2. How technology has brought people closer to product and brand
  3. How businesses are protecting their futures

Presented with


Chloe Lim Director, Global Customer Marketing, APAC Facebook
Rachel Cohn Director of Commerce and Performance Business Marketing Facebook
Jonathan Waecker Chief Customer Officer The Warehouse Group
Sandeep Seth Chief Executive Officer - Global, SK-II Procter & Gamble

Event Details

This session will be presented in English. Translation provided in Japanese, Chinese.

Event Type Seminar

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