Exploring the State of Programmatic In JAPAC

Tuesday, 09 June at 2:30 PM

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Programmatic advertising is entering its second decade and has become the dominant method for display ad spending. It’s also capturing a notable, and growing, share of spend across mobile app and video as the technology advances and adapts to meet the changing needs of marketers. In the Japan and Asia Pacific (JAPAC) region specifically, the future of programmatic is bright.

New research, The State of Programmatic in JAPAC: Current and Future Drivers of Growth, produced by OpenX, explores what’s driving investment, remaining market challenges, adoption of recent tech initiatives and which emerging trends show the most promise. In this session, Andrew Tu, MD of APAC at OpenX and Matt Harty, SVP of APAC at The Trade Desk, discuss the findings and share their thoughts on what this means for all sides of the programmatic industry now and in the future.

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Jessica Goodfellow Media and Tech Editor Campaign Asia
Andrew Tu Managing Director of APAC OpenX
Matt Harty SVP of APAC The Trade Desk

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