Content Creation Under Crisis

Wednesday, 10 June at 12:30 PM

Story Crafters Stage

In this session...

Showcasing how brands are pivoting in times of crisis, Stacy Minero, Twitter’s Global Head of Content Creation, talks about how creators and influencers have found new ways to develop campaign creative from scratch or adapting what they already have with the help of Twitter Arthouse.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. What’s changing on Twitter? Now that people are required to stay indoors, social media is in a unique position as one of the only remaining spaces where consumers can safely connect with each other and for brands to connect to those consumers, too.
  2. Opportunity, but not opportunistic. Brands need to really understand their role in people’s lives and how that has changed in crisis. Authenticity, timeliness and thoughtfulness are key to staying true to the hearts and minds of consumers.
  3. Twitter has seen brands really stepping up to continue communicating to consumers & their messages to inform, support and entertain. Companies are leaning on messages & campaigns that are socially responsible, empathetic, generous, and thoughtful & that’s

Presented with


Stacy Minero Global Head of Content Creation Twitter
Jules Lund Founder TRIBE

Event Details

This session will be presented in English. Translation provided in Japanese, Chinese.

Event Type Seminar

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